Web Site advertising (monthly rotation) Advertising on the USPA website provides exposure to a professional group of media and opinion leaders, as well as decision makers. Just a click of your logo or graphic links visitors instantly to your website.

Unit width x height (pixels) Monthly Cost

  • Top banner 850 x 90 – $1,095
  • Skyscraper 160 x 600 – $995
  • Medium Rectangle 300 x 215 – $595
  • Anchor Banner 720 x 80 – $395
  • Small Top Banner 250 x 90 – $375
  • Small Rectangle 195 x 195 – $350


10% for a three-month campaign

20% for a six-month campaign

30% for a 12-month campaign.

Specifications for online advertising: See pixel size next to unit. Banner ads can be static or standard animated GIF or JPEG at the above dimensions. All GIFs should be designed at 72 dpi and be kept under 10k in size. Materials are due one week prior to the month(s) your ad will run. Ad must be sent as it will appear.