The International Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents film category (Documentary, Animated, Shorts, and Foreign Films) symposiums the week leading up to the Oscar ceremony. These discussions provide insight to the directors thoughts on the Oscar nominated films. nnGathering Saturday to attend the evening Nominees Symposium we found ourselves surrounded by many who attend every year. One family that have attended for 24 years, they did miss the first symposium.nnSitting in the theatre the feeling of be in a location where you are surrounded by a white screen. Soon you are filled with the sound of people’s stories and lives. Taking in all the emotions that the directors have developed. It is a true honor to be where in a location where many great films are screened.nnThis is the 60th year for the Foreign Film category, La Strada states It took The Academy 27 years to realize that not all great film making is American. Mark Johnson, Academy stated, “there is a depth in this category, foreign films, they are becoming more accessible. It is not necessary to make an American film.” This year the Academy nominated  5 films from 85 submitted foreign films. The are Tanna, Land Of Mine, Tori Erdmann, The Salesman, and A Man Called Ove.nnA Man Called Ove brings the sense of losing a lifelong partner to reality. This may be something many will experience in their lifetime, but not understand until that time. Hannes Holm, The Director,  talks about taking a novel to film he says, “He felt like a thief taking the book story to film. The version is his not the author’s version of the book. Frederick Morheden, the novelist, told him yes!”nnThe story is of a husband losing his wife. The struggle with disorder and absence of her presence he becomes desperate with the struggle. He turns to enforcing association rules and gives up on life. He develops a  most unlikely relationship.nnHolm’s feels that each time the movie is different. He believes that he is only fifty percent of a film. The audience is the other fifty percent. He was honored to be in the theatre where some of the worlds greatest films are screened.nnThis film’s nomination and awards also include: “Nominated – Best Foreign Language Film and Best Achievement for Makeup & Hairstyling (Love Larson & Eva von Bahr), 89th Academy Awards® Winner – Best European Comedy, 29th European Film Awards Winner – Best Actor (Rolf Lassgård), 2016 Seattle International Film Festival Golden Space Needle Award,Winner – Audience Award, Best Actor (Rolf Lassgård), Best Makeup (Love Larson & Eva Von Bahr), 2016 Guldbagge Awards, Winner – Audience Award, 2016 Mill Valley Film Festival & 2016 Traverse City Film Festival Winner – Audience Award for Best Film, 2016 Scottsdale International Film Festival.” This film may be viewed here Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, and ViaPlay.nnTanna, a south Pacific island, is a story about the Yakel Tribe. The love interest of Wawa may change the tribes world for generations to come. The film is casted by the tribe leaders. This is presented in their native language. Martin Butler and Bentley Dean, film directors, state, “this was a collaboration film.” JJ acted as the language and cultural interpreter for the film.nnThis film did present many hurdles. The island has no electricity. The filming and editing was done with solar power. Casting was done by tribal leaders. They did have a few issues the almost imploded the film. The tribe members had never seen a film. The crew created a natural warm. environment for a cast that did not even have a sense of film making to be comfortable and present their best acting. They filmed a lot to ensure a good presence. The story had no written script. The story is a collaborated dialog based on each days shooting best and important each day. There were no rehearsals.nnThe world primer was with tribe. The chief said, “this is our Movie.” This film’s awards also include: Awards: AACTA Award for Best Original Music Score, Special Mention for Feature-length Fiction Film Nominations: AACTA Award for Best Direction. You can view this film on Amazon.nnLand Of Mine, Under Sandet original title, is based on actual events after World War II German prisoners of war. They are ordered to clear over 2 million land mines on the Denmark shoreline.nnDirector, Martin Zandvloet, this film is about how we view human beings. We need to be more aware of viewing human being’s as individuals. Grateful to the editor for his insightful talent. bricklayer he finds walking on set with a cup of coffee is the best job.nnThis film has been awarded TIFF in 2015 and it won in the categories of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, while also achieving a win for Best Danish Film at the Bodil Award plus more. You can view this film here iTunes, GooglePlay, MicroSoft, & Via Play.nnToni Erdmannthe, a film about a jokester father and his very busy CEO daughter. He hires someone to play his daughter and wonders who is going to pay the bill.nnThe film has received criticism regarding the length. Director, Maren Ade, states, “Took notes after premiere and was afraid to make those changes. She stewed a few days but left it.” The comedy is character driven. The play with the dentures developed from a set that was a gift while the director was a waitress.nnThe Salesman is about a couple begins performing Death of A Salesman their relationship begins to change. Asghar Farhadi, from Iran, was not in attendance at the symposium. He made a choice to stay away after the recent ban by the US President put in place a travel ban. He did send a message that he was honored to be nominated and had a lot of respect for the Academy. All directors present signed a letter in solidarity with Farhadi.nnWe had the honor of meeting actor Brian Avery after the event. He is thrilled for Oscars week. He found the films to be inspirational in talent and film. You can learn more about Avery’s acting career here.nnThe symposium provides a great insight to the processes of film making and how it works world wide. Many film makers receive funding from their governments. Looking forward to the announcement at the 89th Oscars for Foreign Language Film 60th winner.nnThe Oscars® will be presented on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at the Dolby TheatreDolby Theatre® in Hollywood, CA and televised live by the ABC Television Network.nn@4ChionLifestylennFollow us for all thing fashion, celebrity, and beauty. Connect Here:nnInstagramnnFacebooknnTwitternnGooglennPinterestnnFlickrnnTumblrnnFOLLOW THE with the films here:nnTrailersnnA Man Called Ove Salesman Erdmann nnLand Of Mine  Under Sandet Of Mine #undersandet #LandofMindnnTanna #Tanna nnThe Salesman #AsgharFarhadi #AnoushehAnsari#FiroozNaderi #TheSalesman nn[Submitted by Tammy Forchion]nn—nn 4ChionLifestylenn

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