Ingredients Portobello Caprese  nnCaprese is an Italian salad, made of sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and green basil, seasoned with salt and olive oil. This represents the Italy flag. Our Caprese salad takes a little twist that is perfect for meatless Mondays, main dish, side dish, or appetizer. We enjoyed these treats with our Super Bowl party. Let’s Play Ball.  nnRecipenn8 Portobello MushroomsnnYou can use 16 mini portobellos for appetizers. Wash mushrooms well. Remove the stem to flatten inside of bottom of mushroom.nn1/2 c butter (adds sweetness) or Olive oil (makes more savory)nnHeat the butter till melted or oil until slightly warm.nn1 clove of garlic finely diced add to oil or butternnDash salt and peppernn1/4 c Italian fresh parsley finely chopped. Add to oil or butter.nnMix the the oil/butter wellnnBrush 1/2 on mushroom tops and bottoms. Set aside for 10 min. Re brush with remaining oil/butter.nnPlace in a heated Grill use the colder spot on grill or place in oven at 350 degrees on a baking sheet. Grill or oven ten minutes each side.nnWhile baking grate:nn1/2 cup mozzarella or Italian seasoned mozzarella.nn32 slices cherry or grape tomatoes. Remove from oven. Place bottom side up. Place cheese to your desire on each mushroom and sliced tomatoes cover the top. Return to grill/oven until cheese melts. Just before removing addnn1/8 cup diced fresh basil or dried basil. Sprinkle in top of tomatoes let sit 1 min on grill or in oven. Remove and plate. Lightly drizzle with sauce.nnCaprese Stuffed MushroomsnnSaucennThis can be made before starting mushrooms serve heated or room temp.nnIn a sauce pan mix and heat till sauce is thicknn1/2 Balsamic vinegarnn1/8 cup of extra virgin olive oil nn2 tablespoon dark brown sugar or honeynnDash salt and pepper, to taste.nnServe as a main dish, side dish or appetizer.nnWe enjoyed with Oregon wine Naked Winery Foreplay Chardonnay 2015. nnNaked Winery ForeplaynnSuggested red wine Syrah/Shiraz.nnThank you to: nnWhole Foods 365 Everyday nn      Balsamic Vinegar nnBoars Headnn     Italian Mozzarella CheesennNaked WinerynnSimple Truth Organicnn     Tomatoesnn     Portobello mushroomsnn     Basil    nnRiedel GlassesnnEnjoy your Super Bowl and dining! nn@4ChionLifestylennFollow us for all thing fashion, celebrity, and beauty. Connect Here:nnInstagramnnFacebooknnTwitternnGooglennPinterestnnFlickrnnTumblrnn[Submitted by Tammy Forchion]nn—nn 4ChionLifestyle

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